About PLM Restoration

PLM Restoration is a professional, residential water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation company. We are locally owned and have been providing our service to customers in Houston and the surrounding areas since 1996. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can call (832) 424-7130 anytime, for prompt, competent help. Our commitment is to provide superior customer service and to reconstruct your home to its pre-existing condition as carefully and swiftly as possible.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured remediation company. Our staff has the training and certification to promptly and accurately treat any type of water damage, fire damage, or mold removal in your home. We hand select our technicians and put them through many hours of training to ensure your home is in the best possible care. They possess the expertise to accurately deal the water damage, fire damage, or mold you’ve sustained.

Water and fire remediation practices are always improving and the standards are always being raised. We stay on top of the laws and practices, continuously educating our staff on new procedures.  We are always ready to help you.


At PLM Restoration, we deal with the insurance companies so you have one less headache to deal with. We make sure you get all that you deserve. Many times, insurance companies try to discount what the value of something might be, so we have our own insurance adjusters go to the scene, inspect the disaster, test the integrity of the structure, and then deal with the insurance company. We do not get paid unless the insurance company pays you!

PLM Restoration’s 24-hour emergency services include:

  • Water damage restoration for homes
  • Storm damage restoration
  • Frozen/busted pipes
  • Sewage and drainage cleanup
  • Anti-microbial disinfection treatments
  • Top-of-the-line drying equipment

PLM Restoration is proud to offer a 100% service guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will return to your premises to address the damaged area at no additional charge to you.

We care about our clients and their property as if it were our own. These aren’t lines we use for marketing purposes this is the foundation of our company and every person at PLM restoration. This is the core mindset. This shared belief among all of us is largely responsible for the relationships and Trust we have built with our clients. This is one of the reasons we have so many referrals.

Water mitigation

When water damage occurs, immediate action is needed. We stand ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week to mobilize our team to mitigate damages. When water damage happens, immediate action is needed; water damage that is not addressed quickly can cause two main threats:  the first issue is that the damaged areas can expand if the wet materials are not addressed quickly. The second risk is mold growth on susceptible materials, which can create a much bigger, more expensive problem.

At PLM Restoration, there is no job we can’t handle, and no job too big or too small. Every mitigation assignment is treated professionally and respectfully. Every job we handle is overseen by a licensed, certified project manager. The project manager’s job is  to evaluate the damages, establish a timeline,  and communicate with you and all interested parties throughout the mitigation, and then document findings for the insurance company. Our goal on every project is to bring your property to a clean and dry state as quickly as possible so that it is ready for repairs.

Fire restoration

Fire damage can cause significant damage and our experience and Care is critical to immediately begin the restoration process. When a fire happens, the upset and damage can be severe. Smoke damage and fire residue (soot) can leave damage on the walls, floors, countertops, ceiling and air quality. It is our job to respond quickly and make your home safe and secure in the interim. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the most advanced cleaning techniques and procedures. They work efficiently and effectively to get you back in your home with as little loss as possible.

Mold remediation

As a leader in mold remediation in Houston, our expertise can be relied upon to ensure proper, timely remediation. The process requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mold, its risks, and the required process to remove the mold. The remediation process includes installing proper containments to isolate the work zone, utilizing air filtration devices to clean the air during the remediation, utilizing HEPA vacuums and EPA-approved materials, disinfectants, and sealants to clean all materials on-site, such as sheetrock, flooring, appliances, etc. We make it a  successful mold remediation project, which means you come home to a dry, clean, home that is free of visible dust or mold. Once we are done, the home is now ready for repairs. Our project managers play a vital role throughout the mold remediation process.  They follow a mold remediation plan that has been outlined by a  licensed mold assessor. The project manager creates a mold remediation work plan and makes certain that our experienced technicians follow the plan effectively to properly remove the mold.

At PLM restoration, customer service is our number one priority. We make sure the customer is satisfied by doing a thorough inspection, listening to the needs of each customer, dealing with the insurance companies, and beginning work immediately. Remember, we don’t get paid until the insurance company pays you. If you or a loved one has been affected by a fire, flood, mold, or any kind of water damage, please call us at (832) 424-7130, and we’ll get a trained professional out to you or your loved one within 24 hours.